Meet our qualified sales and service team – specializing in helping you find the Acura that best suits your lifestyle an maintaining your current Acura.

Bo Horvat

Bo Horvat | Acura Enthusiast

 Loves to play hockey & loves to drive his Acura TLX - Check out some of Bo's impressive stats!

  Regular season Playoffs
2011–12  Knights OHL 64 11 19 30 8 18 1 3 4 0
2012–13  Knights OHL 67 33 28 61 29 21 16 7 23 10
2013–14  Knights OHL 54 30 44 74 36 9 5 6 11 4
2014–15  Comets AHL 5 0 0 0 4
2014–15  Canucks NHL 68 13 12 25 16 6 1 3 4 2
NHL totals681312251661342
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Dustin Davis

Dustin Davis | General Manager

Recently, the Dilawri Group of companies announced that Dustin Davis had been appointed as the new general manager of Burrard Acura.

Dustin is a veteran in the automotive sales field, with more than a decade of experience. Prior to joining Burrard Acura, he was employed as the General Sales Manager at OpenRoad Hyundai in Richmond, B.C. for four years. He has also held a variety of management roles including General Sales Manager at MINI Richmond, General Manager at Richmond Subaru/Kia and Kia Vancouver and assistant sales manager/pre-owned sales manager at The BMW Store-Vancouver.

In his role at Burrard Acura, Dustin will be responsible for managing all sales and operations of the newlybuilt Acura store on 730 Terminal Avenue downtown Vancouver.


" I want to make Customer service our #1 priority at Burrard Acura. If there is anything that I can assist with, please feel free to contact me today."

电话: 604.736.8890 • 电子邮件: Dustin Davis
Chris O'Neill

Chris O'Neill | Sales Manager

Length of time time with Burrard Acura: September 2013

Hobbies: Spending time with my family, playing basketball and world finance

Languages Spoken:  English

Special Skills: I had the pleasure of being an officiant  at a wedding

A little about myself:

Chris joined Burrard Acura’s vibrant team in 2013 with almost 10 years of automotive sales experience. Prior to working at Burrard Acura he had previously been employed at OpenRoad Hyundai – Richmond, Wolfe Mazda – Vancouver and Richmond Subaru. His approach is to always offer an experience that is informative, transparent and fun.  If you require assistance with any of your vehicle needs , please feel free to contact Chris.

电话: 604.736.8890 • 电子邮件: Chris O'Neill
Norman Li

Norman Li | Service Manager

Length of time time with Burrard Acura: March 2009

Hobbies:  Cycling, paintball, travelling, hiking and performance instructor

Languages Spoken: English , Cantonese

Special Skills: Managing and leading people, communication and presentation

A little about myself:

Norman realized he had an interest in automobiles the moment he received keys to his very first car.  The freedom to travel and explore never got tired.  Norman realized he had an interest in performance car driving at his first track event.  His automotive sense of adventure grew more with each event.  He has been a part of countless car clubs/rallies.  Norman began to realize that he had a natural talent at gathering people together and sharing ideas at social gatherings.  His career path later opened up when he was asked by an automotive dealer to come work for them.  Ever since he has worked his way up the automotive industry to becoming a Service Manager of Burrard Acura.

电话: 604.736.8832 • 电子邮件: Norman Li
Otto Ang

Otto Ang | Parts Manager

电话: 604.736.9929 • 电子邮件: Otto Ang
Robert Fan

Robert Fan | Business Manager

Tammy Nguyen

Tammy Nguyen | Finance Office

Length of time time with Burrard Acura: February 2014

Hobbies:  fashion and beauty aficionado aka. I hoard make-up and re-create vintage clothing items with a sewing machine

Languages Spoken: English, Vietnamese

A little about myself:

I oddly and luckily discovered my passion for the automotive industry whilst working part-time to complete my Finance Degree at The University of British Columbia.  After completing my degree, and being employed in a lackluster career that followed, I decided to make a bold move and completely make a huge career turn. Four years in the automotive industry taught me a lot more than school ever did as a person. It made me patient, organized and really kept me thinking on my feet at all times. I love the challenges and the customers that follow with this industry.  I am extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to join the Burrard Acura family, which has enabled myself to utilize my educational background and be a part of an amazing and supportive team!

电话: 604.736.8890 • 电子邮件: Tammy Nguyen
Katherine  Gray

Katherine Gray | Lease Manager

电话: 604.639.9522 • 电子邮件: Katherine Gray
Jason Davis

Jason Davis | Assistant Sales Manager


Length of time with Burrard Acura: September 2013

Hobbies:  Photography, Sports, Movies

Languages Spoken:  English

Special Skills: Voice over

A little about myself:


Jason Davis is a committed family man that has been in the car industry for over 5 years.   As a licensed salesperson by the Vehicle Sales Authority of British Columbia, he was happy to join the Burrard Acura team in September of 2013.  In the way that Acura has been driven by the desire to create extraordinary driving experiences, Jason is driven by the desire to create extraordinary purchasing experiences with his proactive approach to delivering processes that exceed customer expectations.

电话: 604.736.8890 • 电子邮件: Jason Davis
Sunny Gill

Sunny Gill | Assistant Sales Manager

电话: 604.736.8890 • 电子邮件: Sunny Gill
Ben Yan

Ben Yan | Sales & Leasing Professional

电话: 604.736.8890
Mike Pham

Mike Pham | Sales & Leasing Professional

电话: 604.736.8890 • 电子邮件: Mike Pham
Marco Wu

Marco Wu | Sales & Leasing Professional

电子邮件: Marco Wu

Andy Tsai | Sales & Lease Professional

电子邮件: Andy Tsai
Phil Curtin

Phil Curtin | Sales & Leasing Professional

电话: 604.736.8890
Arielle Bidulka

Arielle Bidulka | Service & Warranty Administrator

Length of time time with Burrard Acura: July 2013

Hobbies: Fitness, Yoga and Travelling

Languages Spoken: English

Special Skills: Human Resource, analytical thinking, multi-tasking

A little about myself:

Arielle grew up in Northern BC and has always dreamt to live in the metropolitan city.  After her English major was completed in University she decided to follow her dreams to move to Vancouver. Excited to move, Arielle planned very carefully her career path.  Arielle chose Burrard Acura to complement her customer service skills.  She is now positioned as a Service Receptionist/Warranty Clerk and is soon to advance in the Human Resource Field.




电话: 604.736.8832

Kelsey Young | Reception/Greeter

电子邮件: Kelsey Young

Katelin Lum | Weekend Reception

Trushar Hajiraker

Trushar Hajiraker | Service Advisor

Length of time time with Burrard Acura: February 1998

Hobbies: Road trips, camping

Languages Spoken:  Gujarati, English

A little about myself:

Trushar has always been interest in cars throughout his childhood; he started off small keeping a hot wheel collection and then started building model cars.  When he got into high school he pursued mechanics and enjoying working on cars. After high school he worked as a lube technician for a few years and realized he didn’t desire to become a technician but had a knack for customer service.  He has been with Burrard Acura since 1998 and continues to enjoy work.


电话: 604.736.8832
Michael Wong

Michael Wong | Service Advisor

Length of time time with Burrard Acura: November 2001

Hobbies:  Weight training, music, travelling and reading

Languages Spoken:  English

A little about myself:

Michael has been involved in the automotive industry since and early age.  Having started off with studying the basics of automotive repairs in high school, he has always had an interest in the inner workings of automobiles.  Along with knowledge of the automotive industry and a knack for helping people he was proven to be a perfect fit for working in this industry.

电话: 604.736.8832
James  Lee

James Lee | Service Advisor

Length of time time with Burrard Acura: November 2009

Hobbies: Driving, soccer and eating

Languages Spoken:  English, Cantonese and Basic Mandarin

A little about myself:

Starting off in the automotive industry as a lot attendant has been more promising then expected. Learning the basics, attention to detail and customer service were the most important things I’ve learned and mastered. Soon after, I was given an opportunity to work in the Parts Department where my skills matured further. Being organized and efficient, I have learned to service customers even better.  Fast forward a bit and found myself in Burrard Acura as a Service Advisor. With great team mates and mentors, I have found my place to be.



电话: 604.736.8832
Eddie Ng

Eddie Ng | Service Advisor

Length of time time with Burrard Acura: September 2011

Hobbies:  Hanging out with friends, movies and travelling

Languages Spoken:  English, Cantonese

Special Skills: Multi-tasking, patience

A little about myself:

Eddie started his career at Acura 3 years ago, originally as a lot attendant, since then, through hard work and dedication, Eddie has come become the Service Advisor that many of the customers at Burrard Acura are now familiar with.

电话: 607.736.8890
Brian Josephson

Brian Josephson | Parts Advisor

Peter Lui | Parts Advisor

Les Wolniak

Les Wolniak | Shuttle Driver

Paul  McKnight

Paul McKnight | Acura Technician

Fred Tsui

Fred Tsui | Acura Technician

Allan Fung

Allan Fung | Acura Technician

Andrew Tham

Andrew Tham | Acura Technician

Tony St Cyr

Tony St Cyr | Acura Technician

Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee | Acura Technician

Marco Domingues | Acura Technician

Patrick Campbell

Patrick Campbell | Detailer

Kelvin Lau | Detailer

Chris  Ogram

Chris Ogram | Lot Attendant

Length of time time with Burrard Acura: December 2010 

Hobbies: Photography, sketching, reading and outdoor sports

Languages Spoken:  English

Special Skills: Life guarding and Acting

A little about myself:

Chris was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan.  He has two brothers. One works at BC Hydro in Human Resource Management here in Vancouver.  He moved to Vancouver four and a half years ago because the city offers a diverse range of outdoor activities. A few years ago, Chris met a friend in Regina at an indoor rock climbing wall and ended up cycling from Regina to White Horse-Yukon over 25 days. He enjoys life in the Yukon and British Columbia.

Gary Cheung

Gary Cheung | Lot Attendant

Heather Esau

Heather Esau | Lot Attendant